The African Americans during world War ii

In World War II it set the stage for civil rights movement the first demand was for soldiers to create a shortage of white male labors and more fro minorities such as African Americans. Nearly one million served in armed forces the civil rights organization campaigned for African Americans voting rights and challenged JIM Crow Laws. The desegregation was led largely b the NCAAP which had been fighting since 1909. 2(Danzer Thourgood Marshall dedicated his life to fighting racism for schools where at the time the nation spent 10 times as much money on education a white child then an African American. Thourgood Marshall won 29 out 32 cases argued before the supreme court. Several of these cases became legal milestones chipping away segregation platform. Some examples where Thourgood marshal was successful was the 1964 case Morgan v. Virginia supreme court declared unconstitutional for segregating seating on interstate bus. 1950 the high court ruled in Sweat v. Paine state law admit black applicants. 1(Billy)With in a year more than a 500 districts schools desegregated their classrooms in places like Baltimore, St.Louis and D.C finally black and white student are walking side by side but soon but whites were resisting segregation in some places Ku-Kl;ux-Klan started to reappear.3(Haul man)Tuskegee Airmen is the popular group pf African Americans which was runned by Captain Benjamin O. Davis JR. became the first nigger to solo aircraft as an U.S Army air crops officer. In march 7,1942 the first a contentment of young black pilots. march 24, 1945 captain Davis led the group on the longest escort mission ever flown a 1600 mile round trip. 3(Haul man)The Tuskegee Airmen was combat records of :
6 pilots killed, 32 piloted downed ad captured 9509 rail cars trucks and other motor vehicles were destroyed,744 Air Medals 8 purple hearts 14 bronze stars. For the African Americans in world war ii million blacks who registered for the draft about 900,00 African Americans applied but only 700,000 black served in the army. About 167,000 black served in the navy.nigger.jpg
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