Atomic Bomb

atomic_bomb.jpgResearch in the building of the Atomic Bomb begun in 1939. The Manhattan project was a secret American program of scientist people who worked to build this powerful weapon the Atomic Bomb run by General Leslie Groves and J. Robert Oppenheimer 600,000 Americans participated in build this bomb and a lot of them didn't even know the reason for it. "The weapon used release energy by the splitting of atoms"(1 Ramirez).

The plan to drop the bomb

"Albert Einstein told president Roosevelt that Germany might be developing atomic weapons"(2 Edward L. Ayers). President Roosevelt gave his approval for the Manhattan project to build the first Atomic Bomb. Americans completed and built the bomb before Germany. The Atomic Bomb was finished by the summer of 1945. The vice president became president. "president Truman did not know nothing about the bomb he faced a tuff decision to decide if the bomb should be used to end the war"(3 Ayers). "President Truman formed a group to debate where the bomb should be dropped and if they should warn the Japanese"(4 Ayers). His way to avoid the japan invasion was to use the atomic bomb.

Dropping the Atomic Bomb

bomb_explosion.jpgThe japanese didn't want to surrender so they decided to drop the bomb. "The bomb was dropped on August 6,1945 by the b-29 bomber flown by commander colonel Paul W. Tibbets Jr. and the Japanese wasn't warned"(5 Danzer). "Two bombs was dropped on Japanese targets the force of the blast made almost every building collapse 200,000 people died as a result of injuries and radiation poisoning caused by the Atomic Bomb"(6 Danzer). "70,000 people were killed immediately 62,000 buildings were detroyed 210,000 deaths were related to the Atomic Bomb"(7 Beck). "The first Atomic Bomb was dropped on new mexico on july 16,1945"(8 Beck). The bomb caused the Japanese to surrender.

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