causes of WWI


Aggressive leaders in Germany, Italy, and Japan wanted to expand their nations but Germany invaded poland and Japan attacked the United States.There became the Rebuilding of Europe and Japan. In Japan general Douglas MacArthur directed the effort to create a new democratic government and rebuild the nations economy. He helped the Japanese create a new constitution that reflected many Americans ideals such as equality for women.Along with that the United States faced a very difficult task in rebuilding War-torn Europe.

Isolationalism had helped lead the United States not to resist German, Japanese, Italian aggression in the 1930's. Germany invaded Poland and Japan attacked the United States. Some causes was the economic hardship and political unrest following World War I.


During the 1930s Hitler played on the hoes and fears of the western democracies. After War World I the Allies had cut out the polish corridor from Germany territory to give Poland access to the sea. Soviet Union Joseph Stalin then signed a 10 year non-aggression with Hitler on August 23rd. They began to secretly agree on other countries. There was a surprise attack took place on Sept.1st 1939 at dawn. France and Great Britain declared war on Germany on Sept.3rd but before all of that Poland fell three weeks before. Their soviets make their move, on Sept 17 after his secret agreement with Hitler ,Stalin had sent troops to occupy the eastern half of Poland.(The Phony War) French and Britain had mobilized their armies. After nothing popped off the phony war ended on April 9 1940. By May 26 of 1940 France had trapped the Allies forces around the northern French city of Lillie. Outnumbered, outgunned and pounded from the air the Allies escaped to the beaches of Dunknil(France falls

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