The Allies gathered a force of neraly 3 million Britsh , American and Canadian troops together with mountains of military equipment and supplies. To keep the Allies planes secret the Allies set up huge phantom army's with its own equipment and headquarters.Many of these resources were being held for planned invasion of France. This plan came to be known as operation overland. The Allies worked for months to select a location for operation overland. They settled on the beaches of Normany in the Northern Europe. The Germans got new weapons which was introduced to the Allies which were an V1 flying bomb and V2 rocket. A variety of amphibous craft helped deliver equipment and soliders to the beaches.Operation overland job was to wait for their landing craft gates to open then to move forward toward shore.


In 1939 Germany invaded Poland,In 1940 Frances surrenders to Germany which the Battle Of Britian Begins.1941 June Germans invades soviet union while Japan attacks pearl Harbor.1943 Allies defeat Japan at Guadaicanal,1944 D day invasion occurs than in 1945 Germany surrenders.Along with that casualities were high but d day was huge victory for the Allies. Though the costs were high an estimated 10000 Allied casualities including 66000 Americans. After some bloody fighting in the first few weeks following the landing the Allies forces broke through German defenses in July,the Allies gained ground. Just as people hoped and wished for D day had been a success.


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