Effects Of WWII


Conflict began between the Soviet Union and other Allies over the fate of Eastern Europe. The United States and the Soviet Union emerged as the two world's major. The United nations was created to help prevent future wars but the Allies occupied parts of Europe. Later on millions of people were killed and large ares of Europe and Asia were damaged or destroyed. Along came the Occupation of Japan. They was occupied by U.S. forces under the command of general Douglas Mac Arthur. The Allies came and stripped Japan of it's colonial empire but thats not all. In the Philippines, China, and other Asian battlegrounds additional Japanese officials were tried for astricoties against civilians or prisoners of war.


(Demilitarization in Japan)

After a while Mac Arthur was getting tired of losses so he began a process of demilitarization disbanding the Japanese armed forces.In February 1946, MacArthur and his American polictal advisers drew up a new constitution. It would provide for woman suffrage and guarantee basic freedoms.After a while it changed the empire into a parlimentary democracy like that of Great Britian.General MacArthur has swept away an autocratic regime by a warrior god and installed in it's place a democratic government presided over by a very human emperor and based on the will of the people as expressed in free elections.Well the Japanese agreed to this and to this day their constituion is known as the MacArthur constituion.Later on the United States emerged as the world's strongest military power.


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