hitler2.JPGAdolf Hitler was born the 20th of April, 1889, in a small town near the German Borders. Hitler had a fine life growing up, until his father’s third wife and Adolf’s mother Klara died in 1907 from cancer. Klara dying had a much bigger impact on Hitler’s life than his dad death did. In 1914 Hitler was rejected from the military, because he was “Unfit for combat and to weak for auxiliary duty.”(2)

Later in years Hitler went out for the military again and volunteered for the German war. Hitler liked fighting in the war, it was said he liked the rush and the risk. In October of 1918 Hitler was blinded in a British attack, Hitler was sent to the hospital where he recovered. While in the hospital German surrendered to Britain. Hitler went into a deep depression. Later in years Hitler joined the Nazi party which had a big impact on his future. In 1923 Hitler organized effort to seize German power.(1)

In1933 Hitler was appointed to the position of chancellor, the most powerful position in German government. Hitler wanted to see Germany control more space, although German was aware and did not want to fight in war they did not oppose Hitler because of the memories of World War 1they did not want to. During Hitler’s time of reign Hitler forced the German legislature into making him dictator. While Hitler held key position as Chancellor he secretly rebuilt the German military even against the Treaty of Versailles. When the population found about the plan for rebuilding of the military he told the people he was rebuilding the military to strengthen communism but he was in fact trying to start war.(4) Hitler’s empire adopted a totalitarian regime.Hitler’s meeting on November 5th, 1937 started the vision for Germany future.(3)

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