joseph-stalin-1.jpg.jpegJoseph Stalin was a Russian man born in December 21st 1879. Stalin had a normal life growing up as he got older he became interested in politics. He came to power in mid 1920s but his transformation did not begin until 1928. (1)

In 1928 Joseph Stalin Started a 5year plan for economy. In 1930 Stalin adopted the culture and belief of Russification. Russification was one of the devices Stalin used to "protect" Belorussia (and the rest of the Soviet Union) against possible Western influences. Stalin's theory was "The sooner we shall start speaking Russian, the faster er shall build communism.(2)

August 1939 Stalin also ordered attack on Finland and also signed a treaty not to go to war on the country Germany. Since Stalin had a treaty to not go on war with Germany, Stalin encourage German to attack Poland. Despite the treaty Hitler and Stalin signed, Hitler started to plan a attack on the USSR. In 1941 Hitler broke the pact and invaded Soviet Union.(2)
When Joseph Stalin became dictator the communist influence began to spread. Although Stalin was said to be mean and cruel he did many good things too. Stalin gave women education, jobs and he improved transportation for all.(3)

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