New weaponary New technology

tank.jpegmask.jpeg"The needs of wartime ended up in the creation of new weapons"(1 Beck). "It lead to terrifying consequences"(2 Beck). "The allies and the axis powers used science technology to win world war II"(3 Beck). Soldiers wore mask to protect themselves from poison gas. "Introduced by Germans caused blinding or severe blisters, others caused death by choking (poison gas)"(4 Beck). The Tank was an armored combat vehicle that moved on chain track. Airplanes dropped bombs and used attached gun to fight in the air . "The Germans also introduced the submarine known as u-boats it fired torpedo's (an underwater missile)"(5 Ramirez). "All the new technology was killing huge numbers of people more effectively"(6 Ramirez). "All the new weaponary and technology had not delivered the fast-moving war they had expected"(7 Ramirez). a lot of planes were built and the war started in the skies. The conflicts of world war II began the creation of more powerful weapons, mightier tanks, better submarines, faster fighting planes, and the atomic bomb.

New technology

technology.jpeg"Radars, guided missiles, nuclear submarines, reconnaissanc, satellites, atomic bombs, were all results of the technology developments of world war II. Technology was developed quickly and intended for the battlefield. Semiconductor, navigation. Computers, code breaking. Freeze-dried food, soldiers rations. Synthetic material, parachutes, weapon parts, tires. Radar, tracing and surveillance"(8 Danzer).

Nuclear weapons

submarine.jpeg"Nuclear weapons forced American leaders to reconsider the way the united states built its military defenses. Nuclear weapons lead to the John Foster Dulles's policies of brinkmanship and massive retaliation. The H-Bomb was three stories high and weighed a million pounds. The B-52 delivered nuclear weapons anywhere in the world. Intercontinental ballistic missile called ICBMs traveled thousands of miles and could strike very close to their intended targets. The nuclear-powered submarines could travel for months without needing to refuel and could travel at high speeds underwater. The soviet union also improved it's weapons and delivery systems"(9 Ayers).

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