U.S Isolation
Isolationism is a national policy of abstain from political or economical relations with other countries. 1(School)The reason why U.S drift to isolationism was its failure to join the league of nations because they wanted to keep out of European affairs it was basically there policy to pull away from involvement in world affairs President Roosevelt bring 3(Kriger)U.S into isolationism also some financial factors and passed a neutrally act these acts delayed U.S and Europe into war. The Extreme isolationist that gripped U.S in 1930's reinforced British appeasement and 4(Ayers)French "paralysis". The revisionist theory sucked U.S into the war after WWI most Americans concluded that participating in international affairs the sought peace through isolation and throughout the 1930's. So basically U.S tried to isolate itself from European problems.

How They Got into the War

2.(Black Linda)On December 7 1941 was the Pearl Harbor where Japan attacked U.S with an aerial surprise attack on U.S naval base but it is believed that Roosevelt speech was the trigger to Japan aggression on U.S. The December 8,1941 is when U.S officially enter into WW2.

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