Victory in Europe

"In 1943 the allies secretly started building a force in Great Britain to attack the Germans across the English channel"(1 Beck). "Hitler prepared for the end that day he and his wife Eva Braun got married"(2 Beck). Hitler wrote his last note to the Germans and in his note he blamed the Jews for starting the war. Hitler and his wife killed themselves. "Hitler's death spread and Berlin surrendered on may 2 Germany surrendered on may 7"(3 Beck).

Ending of the wars

"When Hitler died the war in Europe was over"(4 Ayers). "General Eisenhower accepted the surrender"(5 Ayers). "When the Germans surrendered on may 7 the next day was proclaimed V-E Day it means Victory in Europe day"(6 Ramirez). "The war in Europe lasted six years then it came to and end. In the United States and the people in Europe celebrated it was an reaction to the German surrender"(7 Ramirez). "The Americans enjoyed the allied victory"(8 Danzer). "The allies achieved victory in Europe but a war was still going on in the Pacific"(9 Danzer). "President Roosevelt had a stroke and died days before V-E Day"(10 Danzer). Vice President Harry S. Truman became President.

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