German invasions on Poland, Soviet Union and France:

The invasion on France

4The first invasion I would like to talk about in the invasion on France it began in 1940 May ,10 which ended the Phony War the battle consisted of 2 main operations the first was Germany armored units it Fall Gluey pushed through Anderson which an extension of foreign regions to cut off allies unit. The second was Fall Rot which is just a second phase of German Invasion to conquer France. The German Strategy was to take Eastern Europe then avoiding a two-war front which easily got to France easier. The strategy was called Blitzkrieg which collapsed the defense armed forces which was executed perfectly

The invasion on Poland

3(Stone)The invasion of Poland was known as 1939 Defensive War the invasion began September, 1 1939 it was a week after signing the Molotov Pact which ended on October, 6 1939 the Molotov was pact named after the soviet union Vyacheslave Molotov also known as the Non-Aggression pact also with Germany dividing and annexing Poland. The German Army was superior to Poland with tanks, aircraft and bombs that Poland weaponry couldn't match.

The Invasion on Soviet Union

1(Caldwell)The first successful German Blitzkrieg was against Poland and France now Germany want to invade the Soviet Union Hitler sent more than 3 million troops and multiple tanks raced across the Soviet Union Country side. The Soviet Army had million of soldiers but poorly trained and equipped also weren't ready for the 2 (Wenburg)German military forces they would use the same tactic they used on Poland with Soviet Union called Blitzkrieg also known as "Lighting War" it emphasized the speed and close coordination of German Military.

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